Expat Communities

Expat Communities in Egypt

Community Service Associations “CSA” is one of the most popular and important expat’s services communities in Egypt located in Maadi, Cairo http://www.livinginegypt.org it looks like a club with a very nice coffee shop inside ” very cheap one” , some small gifts shop and a Gourmet food stores. there is a well-equipped GYM inside and there is an advertisement board you will find in the entrance of the place where you can find all kinds of advertising like recruitment, job seeker ad., households items and more all that plus their Oasis magazine which is the best expat magazine in Egypt. $ 50 is the Annual membership fees and it guarantees you very good discounts on all the activities and GYM in the association. There is another expat services community for British only called BCA” British Community association” located in Katamya, Cairo http://squarecube.net/bcaegypt find it on Facebook at //www.facebook.com/BCA-Katameya-Clubhouse-