Job Posting

Common Questions

• Which plan should I choose?
It depends on your hiring needs and the number of candidates you will need per month and how visible you want your jobs to be.  If the school is in the startup stage you may be better looking at our  full recruitment service.

• What if I have an issue in using my user account?
Once you join, you will also have an account manager who will follow up with you and who you can call anytime for support.

• What payment methods are available?
We accept payments with bank transfers, and cash collection and our working on on-line payments which will be available very soon.

• When I post a job, how do job seekers apply?
You have the option of whether you want to candidates to apply directly through teacher’s Hub and you get an email when anybody applies for your position. Or you can post your job and have candidates apply on an external URL on your company’s website or system.

If you have any questions then look at our full FAQ page or please contact us here.