Living Cost

Cheapest Country to live in!!!

Our 1st. post will talk about Housing and living expenses in Egypt, If you decided to live in Egypt choose the right destination then as Egypt is one of the cheapest countries for an expat to live in.
for example food meals vary in prices ranging from EGP 30 to EGP 200 ( $ 1.7 to $ 11.7) Liter of water costs EGP 5 ($0.3) liter of milk cost around EGP 15 ($0.88)

Tour and trips are fantastic and very reasonable for example you can take a Faloka on the Nile for 2 hours for less that EGP 100 ($5.8) Great Pyramids trip costs less that EGP 150($8.8) and if you want to have a luxurious dinner in one of the biggest and prestigious restaurant you will pay between EGP 500 to EGP 600 per person ($29.4 to $35)

Housing in Egypt very variable according to the district and the type of the housing however most of the schools provide an accommodation or an allowance for the expat teachers in the job offer in the coming post we will share more details about the districts and cities which are preferred for the expats to live in with an average renting prices and options