Story of Egypt

Egypt is a unified country, is believed to have been created (8.800-4.700BCE) and perhaps far back as the Paleolithic period, though much of the dating of this period was done by uncalibrated radiocarbon dating. Why the ancient Egyptians decide to settle on the banks of the River Nile is not known, though it is generally accepted that it is because of Sahara desert, which was once fertile, starting to change into a sandy expanse forcing the population to look for water, once the River Nile was discovered ,the regularity and Richness of the annual inundation or flood, coupled with the semi-isolation that was provided by the desert to the cast and the west ,allowed for the development of one of the greatest civilization.
The last indigenous dynasty surrendered to the Persians in 341BCE who were then replaced in turn by Greek, The Roman ,The Byzantines in the 7th century the Arab introduced Islam and the Arabic Language and ruled for the next 6 centuries until The Mamalik ,a local military caste ,seized control circa 1250,conquered by the Othman Turks in 1517.
Once the Suez Canal was completed in 1869, Egypt became one of the most important transportation hubs, but it also caused heavy debt. Seemingly to protect its investment Great Britain took control of Egypt government in 1882, but allegiance to the Othman empire continued until 1914. By 1922 Egypt was partially independent from the UK and by 1952 Egypt got the Full independence and became the Arabic Republic of Egypt