Teaching in Egypt

Egypt is a visually and culturally stunning country with a wealth of artefacts and internationally recognised monuments pointing to its ancient history. Set in north Africa, Egypt has strong links to nearby Europe allowing for travel to the continent. The high security levels in Egypt allow for workers to lead a western lifestyle. A cheap cost of living allows for relative luxury and with well established international schools in the country teachers will find opportunities to suit their experience.

Working in international school in Egypt requires having Bachelor’s degree in a relevant subject for your chosen subject to teach. To have an opportunity with one of the well-known schools who well-paying you have to hold a   Teaching Diploma PGCE, QTS and \ at least three years prior teaching experience. For English teaching position you must be a native English Speaker. Your qualifications should be obtained in the west (US, UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa).

Some schools recruit French native teachers to be French language teachers.
You must have all of the above to be accepted for most positions, additionally a TEFL and full teaching qualifications; will increase your chances in addition to a teaching certification.

Visa &work permit:

Most of the schools take the burden of the permit. Here’s what you’ll need to provide them with to apply for a work permit in Egypt:

  • Completed work permit application form from the Manpower and Training Directorate-Tahrir Complex.
  • Valid passport
  • 7 x passport photos
  • 2 x company incorporation contract.
  • 2 x Tax ID Card.
  • A copy of the commercial register.
  • 2 x certificates of any academic degrees associated with your profession
  • • A memorandum justifying the recruitment of the foreigner for that job, stating the reasons for not recruiting an Egyptian as well as the tasks assigned to the foreigner together with the name of the Egyptian assistant whose qualifications and experience are consistent with the foreigner.
  • Approval of the related Authority (Ministry of Education, the private sector authority.).
  • A delegation from the school to the person who is going to apply for the work permit on your behalf

The Egyptian summer is hot and dry in most of the country, and humid in the map Delta and along the Mediterranean Coast. In recent years the humidity has spread to Cairo, and the city swelters in August! Winter is warm with some rain, but usually it is bright, sunny days with cold nights.

During the summertime, sun protection is the most important single consideration, especially for the fair-skinned. Wearing a sunhat is essential. Cheap, and pure cotton, sunhats are made locally and available everywhere. Travel clothing should be light and comfortable, 100% cotton clothing is the best and robust shoes are a must! The climate of Egypt is characterized by a hot season from May to October and a cool season from October to May. Extreme temperatures during both seasons are moderated by the prevailing northern winds.

-In the coastal region average annual temperatures range from a maximum of 37° C (99° F) to a minimum of 14° C (57° F). Wide variations of temperature occur in the deserts, ranging from a maximum of 46° C (114° F), during daylight hours, to a minimum of 6° C (42° F) after sunset. During the winter season desert temperatures often drop to 0° C (32° F).
Luxor, located along the Nile in the desert, has hotter temperatures of around 33 degrees Centigrade (91.4 degrees Fahrenheit) in the summer months between June and August, and sees temperatures at around 14 degrees Centigrade (57.2 degrees Fahrenheit) during the winter months between December and February. Typically the city sees no rain all year around but may occasionally see 1mm of precipitation between September and November

If you decided to live in Egypt choose the right destination then as Egypt is one of the cheapest countries for an expat to live in.
for example food meals vary in prices ranging from EGP 30 to EGP 200 ( $ 1.7 to $ 11.7) Liter of water costs EGP 5 ($0.3) liter of milk cost around EGP 15 ($0.88)

Tour and trips are fantastic and very reasonable for example you can take a Faloka on the Nile for 2 hours for less that EGP 100 ($5.8) Great Pyramids trip costs less that EGP 150($8.8) and if you want to have a luxurious dinner in one of the biggest and prestigious restaurant you will pay between EGP 500 to EGP 600 per person ($29.4 to $35)

Housing in Egypt very variable according to the district and the type of the housing however most of the schools provide an accommodation or an allowance for the expat teachers in the job offer,

Community Service Associations “CSA” is one of the most popular and important expat’s services communities in Egypt located in Maadi, Cairo http://www.livinginegypt.org it looks like a club with a very nice coffee shop inside ” very cheap one” , some small gifts shop and a Gourmet food stores. there is a well-equipped GYM inside and there is an advertisement board you will find in the entrance of the place where you can find all kinds of advertising like recruitment, job seeker ad., households items and more all that plus their Oasis magazine which is the best expat magazine in Egypt. $ 50 is the Annual membership fees and it guarantees you very good discounts on all the activities and GYM in the association. There is another expat services community for British only called BCA” British Community association” located in Katamya, Cairo http://squarecube.net/bcaegypt find it on Facebook at //www.facebook.com/BCA-Katameya-Clubhouse-


The national language of Egypt is Modern Standard Arabic, However, French, and English are all spoken widely by immigrants and foreign expatriates.

Hereunder are some phrases you would need in your first days in Egypt:

Hello  = Alsallamuallikom

Please = Lw samahet

let’s do it  = Yalla

How are you  =  Ezayek

Thank You = Shokran

Reply to thank you = Afoan

What’s your name = Esmak ea?

Nice to meet you = Forsaa Saeeda

I don’t know = Ana Marafsh

I don’t understand you = ana Mesh fahem

Excuse Me = An ezenk

Help Me = Saedny

Stop = waaf

I love you = Ana Bahebak

I miss you = Anta wahshtene

Leave me alone = Sebne lewahde

Happy birthday = kol sana w anta tyb

Here’s a few other helpful resources for learning Egyptian Arabic:

The Arab Academy online for full online courses

The Department of Arabic Language Instruction – The American University in Cairo

The Kallimni ‘Arabi book series

talkinarabic.com for listening resources


Islam as the official state religion and Islamic law is the basis for legislative decisions in Egypt; Around 94% of Egyptians are Muslims the majority of these individuals follow Sunni Islam. 6% are Christians the majority are Coptic Orthodox and a minority are Catholic. it is estimated that the number of Jews in the country is less than 40.


The secret key of Egyptian customs and traditions is the way that Egyptian mixed the ancient traditions that remain from Pharaohs period with the later come throughout the centuries, these strong traditions milt all other interfered nations traditions regardless they are residents or occupants, what makes Egypt seem advanced against some of the other neighbors, you still can find this pure nature of the local Egyptians rising during hard times, or whenever someone need help, or when they smile in your face! Visitors still get this warm feeling from Egyptian and this is the secret why Egypt is considered the most attractive country in the region for travelers. Plus mysteries of the place & stories behind stones all of these makes a visit to Egypt a wonderful and unforgettable experience.

Egypt as a part from Middle East, one of the African countries, one of the Mediterranean countries, heart of Arab and Muslim world, & Capital for Eastern Christian orthodox world, Egypt toke the conducting keys from the first Arab-Muslims and educated several generations through ages, and nothing but mention it was the castle for the Christianity at her first steps out of Jerusalem, and the founder of Christian monastery system, in brief she kept the religious kindle lighted while others was totally in Dark, and she was very kind again to handle this light back to the world.