Tradition & Religion


The national language of Egypt is Modern Standard Arabic, However, French, and English are all spoken widely by immigrants and foreign expatriates.

Hereunder are some phrases you would need in your first days in Egypt:

Hello  = Alsallamuallikom

Please = Lw samahet

let’s do it  = Yalla

How are you  =  Ezayek

Thank You = Shokran

Reply to thank you = Afoan

What’s your name = Esmak ea?

Nice to meet you = Forsaa Saeeda

I don’t know = Ana Marafsh

I don’t understand you = ana Mesh fahem

Excuse Me = An ezenk

Help Me = Saedny

Stop = waaf

I love you = Ana Bahebak

I miss you = Anta wahshtene

Leave me alone = Sebne lewahde

Happy birthday = kol sana w anta tyb

Here’s a few other helpful resources for learning Egyptian Arabic:

The Arab Academy online for full online courses

The Department of Arabic Language Instruction – The American University in Cairo

The Kallimni ‘Arabi book series for listening resources


Islam as the official state religion and Islamic law is the basis for legislative decisions in Egypt; Around 94% of Egyptians are Muslims the majority of these individuals follow Sunni Islam. 6% are Christians the majority are Coptic Orthodox and a minority are Catholic. it is estimated that the number of Jews in the country is less than 40.


The secret key of Egyptian customs and traditions is the way that Egyptian mixed the ancient traditions that remain from Pharaohs period with the later come throughout the centuries, these strong traditions milt all other interfered nations traditions regardless they are residents or occupants, what makes Egypt seem advanced against some of the other neighbors, you still can find this pure nature of the local Egyptians rising during hard times, or whenever someone need help, or when they smile in your face! Visitors still get this warm feeling from Egyptian and this is the secret why Egypt is considered the most attractive country in the region for travelers. Plus mysteries of the place & stories behind stones all of these makes a visit to Egypt a wonderful and unforgettable experience.

Egypt as a part from Middle East, one of the African countries, one of the Mediterranean countries, heart of Arab and Muslim world, & Capital for Eastern Christian orthodox world, Egypt toke the conducting keys from the first Arab-Muslims and educated several generations through ages, and nothing but mention it was the castle for the Christianity at her first steps out of Jerusalem, and the founder of Christian monastery system, in brief she kept the religious kindle lighted while others was totally in Dark, and she was very kind again to handle this light back to the world.